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How to Ask Your Boss for Feedback (And Actually Get What You Need!)

I recently read an interesting stat from Price Waterhouse Cooper that indicated nearly 60% of polled employees said they would like feedback from their bosses on a daily or weekly basis. More interesting than that, for employees under age 30, the desire for regular feedback flow jumped to 72%.




I recently read an interesting stat from Price Waterhouse Cooper that indicated nearly 60% of polled employees said they would like feedback from their bosses on a daily or weekly basis. More interesting than that, for employees under age 30, the desire for regular feedback flow jumped to 72%.

Being a CEO for nearly 20 years, and having managed millennial workers for a good part of that time, I agree with these findings. But what has bothered me for the longest of time is the fact that so few employees, millennials or not, know how to effectively ask for feedback and then use that feedback constructively to improve their performance.

It’s important to the success of one’s career trajectory to get constructive feedback frequently along the way.  Feedback will help you meet expectations and avoid the miscommunications that waste everyone’s time and put your prospects for growth at risk.

I’ve found that employees who effectively solicit feedback from management, and implement that criticism wisely, inevitably end up becoming the top performers in their fields. So, based on my experience managing some of digital marketing’s most promising talents, here are my guidelines for getting and using the feedback that will open pathways to a bright, productive future.

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Top 3D Cart Development Companies In 2022




When you are going to set up a business, especially for shopping or selling purposes, 3D Cart development is the main and most important part that you need to focus on.Similar to Pinnacle Trolley and Shopify, 3D Cart also offers a free trial to give sellers the ability to wander around a store and test transactions before engaging in the platform. With the exception, 3D Cart gives you an extra day to decide because the trial is 15 days – the choices of our publishers for shopping cart tools offer 14 days. 

As I mentioned earlier, 3D Cart does not charge to record a domain. In addition to this, it is undoubtedly a good deal if you do not already have a website.So for getting deep insights about 3D Cart and its functioning,I’m going to share all the required information for all those who don’t know much about it.

So,Let’s get started. 

3D Cart User Packages

3D Cart offers four price levels that are described below for better understanding.

  • First starts from a plan of $ 29 per month, that can be consulted by two different directors. This plan, as well as all 3D Cart  plans, offer unlimited products without transaction fees, 24/7 assistance, unlimited bandwidth, a Facebook store, an integrated blog, product reviews, telephone orders, an interface of application programming (API), a sales support point (POS), and more. 
  • With the package of $ 79.99 per month, you will receive five administrator seats, access to a lead generation tool, client groups, abandoned basket savers, email marketing, and daily offers, among other characteristics. 
  • The professional plan of $ 229 per month gives you 15 staff subscriptions, automotive emails, gift registers, loyalty programs, recurring orders, pre-orders, and priority support. 
  • 3D Cart also offers a corporate-level plan that has personalized prices. Business users will have access to a technical account manager and custom programming. If you decide that you do not like 3D Cart, you can cancel your account at any time. 3D Cart also offers a 30-day repayment guarantee, which is unusual among purchasing basket services.

3D Cart  is a powerful and feature-rich platform that helps you at a great scale to incorporate an e-commerce store and then make it launch for the world to see. They can develop more than 23,000 stores operating around the world and allow you to access each e-commerce functionality that you may need. Simply talk, with 3DCART, you can build an online store of the starting work to finish alone.

Why Use 3D Cart Platform?

3DCART is a software company specializing in eCommerce software for small and corporate-level businesses. The concept of 3DCart was founded in 1997 in Tamarac, FL, and currently has more than 86 employees registered on LinkedIn.

It is a hosted solution. This means that you do not have to install software or deal with your server issues yourself. You can simply focus on managing your store and adding new products.

3DCART offers a very interesting offer among the competition. Mainly because of two things.

  • First, they give you an easy-to-use e-commerce platform that does not require any development or reinforcement skills.
  • Moreover, at the same time, they also offer an optimized and advanced structure capable of managing hundreds of products.

Therefore, it simply means that utilizing a 3DCART is an excellent solution for online stores that expect to grow quickly (or become more and more quickly) and already want to work with a platform that fails well and can handle the number of customers and sales.

Benefits of Using 3D Cart Services

As you have comprehended the details of a 3D cart, let us now dive into their benefits to know more about its services and get an idea about how it can be helpful for users.

Improved Chat Features And Telephone Support

When configuring your e-commerce store on a platform of your choice, there are few more frustrating things than a lack of support when you need it. With a reliable instantaneous discussion medium available, or a person from the other end of the phone where I do not cut it, you can be sure that you are well supported if you choose 3DCART.

Better Interaction With Social Media

3DCART referencing features (Google, Bing, and Yahoo) and social media (Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter) promote the visibility of your online store, increase your rankings on search engines and increase Traffic on your website.

Simple Buying Features

With its simple and personalized mobile models and themes, guests can enjoy online purchases of their tablets and phones.

Innovations And Use Of The Latest Technology

3DCART is constantly updating its platform with the latest technological innovations and new functionality features to ensure you keep your competitive advantage.

Excellent Customer Support Services

When you invest and deal with e-commerce for your business as 3DCART, the right customer support is essential. Customer support and services mainly comprise help in the installation, training, troubleshooting, upgrade, and cancellation of a product or service. 

3DCART should offer customer support, including telephone response services, live discussion media, and customer service support. Moreover, it offers assistance which customers can call or contact the Helpdesk by email or chat service.

In addition to this, 3DCART also facilitates you with order and control management. Detailed reports tell you exactly the performance of certain products. You can also rationalize the accounting process. It also helps to remove the copied and duplicated content so that data can be entered easily. All this can be done directly in the Admin section of your website.

Best 3D Cart Development Companies in 2021

As we have discussed above in detail, what are the features and benefits, and how 3DCart works? Now all you have to do is find a suitable and well-reviewed company that will provide you with all the required services you need in order to create a perfect 3DCart.

Aalpha Information System India Pvt

They are famous for the provision of customized development solutions for software development, the development of mobile telephony servers technology, reactive web design, and web application development services.

Services of peer distinction organizations. Good levels of service help strengthen the relationships of an organization and increase the chances of the repeated purchase long-term relationship. At Aalpha, they are committed to providing world-class services to our customers.

Services of Aalpa Information System India Pvt

  • Customized development solutions
  • Mobile telephony servers technology
  • Reactive web designing
  • Web application development services

Founded: It was founded back in 2008.

Hourly Rate: Under $ 25 per hour.

Successive Technologies

They transform companies through all the touch points of the customer experience with our digital transformation solutions.They strive to emerge as a long-term center of innovation and the partner of excellence for corporate clients and to solve their challenges with our passionate, self-organized team always at stake. 

Their desired vision is to become the only choice and the trusted advisor of our customers by providing modern engineering technology solutions and end-to-end.

Services Of Successive Technologies

  • Enterprise platform services
  • Cloud and devOps services
  • Digital strategy and transformation
  • Product engineering
  • Custom Development
  • Martech solutions

Founded: It was founded in 2012.

Hourly Rate: $ 25 – $ 49 per hour. 


UPQODE is a famous 3DCart development company that builds attractive websites and brings creative ideas to life. They focus on the design and development of the website and optimizing the referencing of websites for small businesses and large companies in the United States.

Moreover, they are proud that their team has shown lists of top-40 web design companies and 100 top 100 WordPress in the world in the prestigious ranking. Behind the success of UPQODE, there are highly qualified and experienced web designers, developers, coders, project managers, AQ engineers, markers, and business development managers.

UPQODE  develops e-commerce websites focused on conversion using Shopify and WordPress woo commerce. The main mission of UPQODE is to develop a compelling and enticing web design for its customers, which will take the publicity of your brand to the next level.

 By using their skills and our experience in UX Design, they shop online for your customers a nice trip. Their optimization of the online store increases sales and retains your loyal customers.

Services Of UPQODE

  • Optimizing websites
  • Web designing
  • Project management
  • Digital marketing
  • Business development

Founded: It was founded in 2015.

Hourly Rate: $ 50 – $ 99 per hour.


With years of experience in our belt, they claim to be one of the best Shopify experts in India and help you develop custom strategies to attract more audience to your page, which helps you make sales that you have always wanted.

Services Of Bluetech

  • Writing services
  • Law firms
  • Engineering Services
  • Animation and multimedia
  • Implementation Services
  • Automation of the robotic process
  • Advertising
  • Web hosting
  • Supply and logistics chain
  • Progressive web application
  • Game development.

Founded: 2015

Hourly Rate: Under $ 25 per hour.

Hyperlink Infoystem

The hyperlink Infosystem takes the time to hear from its clients, to really understand their needs, and propose a tailor-made solution to meet their needs and budgets. 

They offer a compelling user experience, combined with primary business systems, and take the data needed to drive business opportunities. They understand the value of each small business study and consider it with quality and deadline.

Services Of Hyperlink Infosystem

  • Mobile application development
  • MongoDB Development
  • MVP development
  • Web development
  • Crypto Exchange Development
  • Drupaire
  • iPhone application development
  • Rail ruby
  • IOS application development
  • Cross-platform development

Founded: It was founded in 2011.

Hourly Rate: Under $ 25 per hour.


These are specialists in the development of digital solutions for smartphones and for the web. Their unique approach to the development of mobile applications, passion for innovation, and dedication to customer satisfaction, let us make you the perfect technology partner.

Services Of Top

  • Digital Strategy Management
  • AI development
  • Cross-platform development
  • Web development
  • Market research
  • Android application development
  • Drupal
  • iPhone application development
  • Mobile application development

Founded: It was founded in 2017.

Hourly Rate: $ 25 – $ 49.

Cube Designers

Their team attracts together strategic, productive, and technical talents, all intended to create very large projects. Their goal is to always help your character in a more imaginative, delicate, and excellent way.

There are many popular industries served by CubeDesigners; Social networking, automobile, retail, logistics for e-commerce and distribution, travel and hospitality, life sciences, solutions on demand, energy, and utilities.

Services Of Cube Designers

  • Platform development
  • Rail ruby
  • AWS services
  • IOS application development
  • Online Marketing
  • Android application development
  • Digital strategy
  • Governance
  • Mobile marketing application
  • Content Management System
  • Cloud Computing Software

Founded: It was founded back in 2002

Hourly Rate: $ 50 – $ 99.

SPECIFIED IT Services Pvt Limited

Specified is a complete service and a certified Google digital marketing agency offering innovative web marketing solutions to medium-sized businesses around the world. They offer a wide variety of specialized services to meet their customer’s professional needs, including the design of custom websites, e-commerce, website application development, logo design/brand strategy, L Research Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing, Web Consultation, and Strategic Partner Research Worldwide. 

Furthermore, their goal is to establish a unique and efficient online presence for their global customers. They have had hundreds of customers to improve biological research visibility since 2010.

Services Of Reactive Web Design

  • Application design (UI / UX)
  • Web Design (UI / UX)
  • Optimization of the conversion rate
  • iPhone application development
  • Android application development
  • eCommerce Web Design
  • Electrical development
  • Personalized website development

Founded: It was founded back in 2009

Hourly Rate: Under $ 25 per hour. 


Technource is also a well-known software; it is famous for the development of efficient 3dCart services. In addition to this, it also creates responsive websites. 

Moreover, it is also known as a mobile applications development company in the United States (Delaware), India (Ahmedabad & Jaipur), United Arab (Dubai), Malaysia, and Canada. 

In addition, their competent team has always been resilient in the face of technical challenges. Their customers are expected to have their agenda, and it is their responsibility to provide the results. 

They claim that their developers and designers master a wide range of current technologies that allow them to serve their customers with dynamic IT solutions.

Services Of Technource

  • Mobile app development
  • Web development
  • Java script development
  • E-commerce development
  • Emerging technologies
  • On demand solutions

Founded: It was founded back in 2012.

Hourly Rate: $ 25 – $ 49 per hour.

Brain Technosys Pvt Ltd

They have a great team of web designers and web page design graphics. Their customer relationships are motivated by the overall understanding of technology and processes. The Technosys brain continually strives to meet customer expectations with 100% satisfaction. They believe in honesty, transparency, and stability.

You can create a perfect 3DCart for your website with the help of marvelous services given by Brain Technosys Pvt Ltd. Some of these services include;

Services Of Brain Technosys Pvt Ltd

  • Web development
  • Electrical development
  • Framework development
  • Website creation
  • Application development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Dedicated resources

Founded: It was founded back in 2004.

Hourly Rate: under $ 25 per hour.

Wondering if using 3DCart is secure or not?

The security features provided by 3DCart are the same as impressing it with a variety of payment options. SSL 256-bit encryption is the basic feature of all plans, which is the same level of security used by large financial institutions to ensure safe online transactions.

In addition to this, the company’s network security software is also in accordance with PCI DSS, so you can process credit card payments without having to worry about sacrificing sensitive and unlawful customer data. Plus, when checking out, customers will be notified of additional taxes or shopping costs.

Good source of flourishing a small-scale business too

Even if you are running or trying to get started with an online business on a small scale, there is no need to worry because 3DCart offers a variety of marketing tools to help you promote your online store.

 There are many methods for Woo customers. In addition to this, you can run promotional campaigns that offer limited offers, gift cards, or discount coupon codes. The product comparison tool has been integrated into the software too, which allows you to help your customers make informed purchasing decisions. 

Moreover, there is also a strong affiliate marketing model too, which can help expand your reach because other people spread the news about your brand.

Frequently Asked Questions About 3DCart

Which is better 3DCart or Shopify?

3DCart has a fantastic rating of 9.7, while Shopify also has a rating of 9.7. Both 3DCart and Shopify have the same overall rating as an e-commerce solutions.

What little price does 3DCart use?

The cheapest 3DCart price plan starts from $ 29, and the cheapest price Shopify Plan starts at $ 29.

Which is experienced and established, 3DCart or Shopify?

3DCart was founded in 1997, and Shopify was founded in 2006.


At last, I would conclude our discussion by saying that utilizing a 3DCart for your business is not a bad thing. As we have discussed above in detail, by using a suitable 3DCart, you could get your store set up easily. You would be able to work in a secure environment too, and your interaction with your customers would become more effective. 

As we all know that the main thing for which a person starts any business is nothing else but customer satisfaction entirely! Likewise, with the help of 3DCart, you can provide round-the-clock guidance to your customers regarding their every possible query.

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